New this Year - Live Comedy!

At the Dike's backyard bar, starting around 9pm!

May 19th: 4pm!

It's almost time to block off the road!

Inflatable Water Slide!

Bring a swimsuit and towel!

Jacob's Ladder

Will anyone make it to the top?!

The Annual Horseshoe Tournament!

Show up early to practice!

Movie at Dark

Popcorn and a movie for the kids at dark!




The Annual Kings Down Party is May 19th (2018)!

This is a private event for our neighbors (and their friends) in the Georgetown, Heathwood, Village Springs, Chateau Woods, and North Springs subdivisions. Exact location is 4669 Kings Down Road, but the road will be blocked!


  • More inflatables! One WET water slide, one giant bounce house, and the dreaded Jacob’s Later.

  • Popcorn Machine!

  • LIVE COMEDY starting around 9pm in the Adults Only Backyard

  • We’ll be grilling entrees for everyone: burgers and KOSHER dogs, plus pulled pork.

  • A porta potty!

  • Kings Down Road SHUT OFF to traffic!

  • Your neighbor’s best side dishes / deserts / hunch punch!

  • At least two kegs! Or 4 pony’s.

  • Horseshoes!

  • Awesome music!

  • A chance to meet your neighbors and kick off the summer.

  • A kids movie (or two) at dark!

New This Year! Live Comedy!

Will Foskey

Michael Rowland

  • Laughing skull comedy festival
  • Red clay comedy festival.
  • Memphis comedy festival.
  • Orlando indie comedy festival.


Neal Reddy

  • Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (Netflix)

Katie Hughes

  • Laughing Skull Comedy Festival
  • North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival
  • Laugh Your Asheville Off.
  • She has opened for Lynne Koplitz, Donnell Rawlings, and Maria Bamford, to name a few.

Paul Ollinger

  • The Apprentice
  • Red Eye on Fox
  • Laughing Skull Comedy Festival

Donate Today

Keep this neighborhood event worth doing year-to-year.

Name your price $ (min $36.00)

Donate Today

Costs are always high and we do NOT make money on this…

Inflatables and Popcorn Machine – $990 
Porta-potty rental $187
Comedians $300
Pop Tents: $190
Costco (buns, burgers, condiments, chips, etc) $205 
Liquor (Fireball, whiskey, vodka, margaritas) $140
Kroger (plates, ice, soda, mixers, cups, popcorn,  etc) $150
Keg Beer  (2 Sweetwater half-barrels and a Magic Hat 1/6)  $530
Misc. $110

Grand Total – $2800 approximately

Current Donation total: $1870 (updated May 19, 1:45)

Help us pay for it ahead of time, and keep this tradition alive. Cash the day of is fine too.  Thank you!


Special thanks to our corporate sponsors!…


4:00 – Party Starts

5:00 – Main food dishes will be ready

6:00 – Kids / Teens Horseshoe Tournament

8:30 – Clean up the food tables & get the kids ready for the movie

9:00 – Movie for the kids in the Melan’s backyard (Black Panther)

9:00-ish – After Party with LIVE COMEDY in the Dike’s backyard (Adults only)

What to Bring…

Bring a side dish

Just added a SignUp Genius, tap the image above to go there now.

We’ll be providing water, keg beer and main dishes (burgers, pulled pork, turkey dogs). We’re asking party-goers to bring their favorite side dish or speciality drink. Or both!  The more the merrier!

NOTE: Try to bring a disposable dish. At 8:30, we’re cleaning off the tables and hoping to just slide everything right into the trash / recycling.

Swim suits!

We’ve got a water slide coming so the kids don’t overheat. Bring a towel and change of clothes too.

Anything fun!

Got something fun to show off? Bring it! Yard games, a ping pong table, whatever you can get here easily, do it!

Stuff to sit on

If you’re more of the sit and chill type, bring a chair or blanket.